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Leveling faster with Bear Form

When you first hit level 10, and get your first Druid form, you are ready to take on the world, right? Chances are you might do what I did. Go looking for something that is a few levels above you, drop into Bear and charge. I don’t recommend this as you will probably end up dead, like I did. See, Bear is a great tanking from as you can take a lot more punishment than you can in your Night Elf or Tauren form. The problem is you just don’t really hit all that hard for the first 5 or 6 levels but don’t worry as it will come. Until then try out these tips for leveling in Bear form.

First of all try not to start a fair fight in bear until you are around level 15 or so. If you are out killing green or gray mobs for some copper then no big deal but in a fair fight start out in caster form. The best bet is to start by casting two Wrath spells from range, followed by a Moonfire. At this point the mob is almost on you so cast a Rejuvenation Spell on yourself and then immediately drop into Bear. This way you have already hit him a few times and you have a DoT (damage over time) spell ticking on him. Also, for the first several seconds of the close up fighting you have a healing spell helping you out. This will get you through the first few levels until you start to round out your Druid with some well placed talent points.

Another tactic is to bounce back and forth from caster form to Bear form to keep your mana pool going. For example when you are out hacking and slashing take down the first two mobs in caster form then switch to Bear. Remember your mana will continue to regenerate even when you are in form. So after a few mobs killed you can pop back into caster form, heal yourself and keep going. The trick to this little system is to never let yourself run so low on mana you can’t drop into Bear form! Never forget about your Instant Grasp spell either. If you get in trouble pop a Rejuvenation Spell, drop into bear and run like hell! If you’ve got a mob chasing you pop Instant Grasp to get away.  

Probably the best way to really level fast as a young Druid with Bear form is to simply find another Druid your age. You both will have Bear, you both can heal and you both can root. This combo rarely eveer even needs to stop and rest. In this scenario keep in mind that the goal is to balance the damage you both take with the amount of mana you both have. The idea is to make sure that at any one time one or the other of you is in a position to fully heal the other. This is also excellent training for future group, raid and player vs. player situations as well. Once you get the hang of the Bear form you will find your Druid leveling faster and faster. Before you know it you will be on your Cat Form quest!

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