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No matter if your starting out a new Night Elf or Tauren Druid the first steps of leveling can be a bit on the boring side. Your new character is weak like a kitten, hits like a little girl and has some really crappy gear. You want to get leveled up as fast as possible so you can have some sort of self respect! These are some very simple general tips to remember that should help you level your World of Warcraft Druid up into the 20′s pretty quickly and painlessly.

Quests: Grab all the quests in an area at once, go out and do them all before you return. If you find yourself running back and forth over and over again you’ll go crazy. Don’t worry about running back to sell off the low level junk you’ll be picking up. Once all the quests you picked up are complete run back and turn them all in at once. Now grab all the quests from the second round and repeat. Just put your head down and bang them out!

Don’t die: Dying is a pain in the butt. It takes time to get back to your corpse even when you have that cool Spirit ability as a Night Elf Druid. Dying is expensive. When you die your gear takes extra damage which means you’ll have to get it repaired more often. Dying is frustrating when you’re a low level. Getting the snot beaten out of you by a pig or a bird is pretty demoralizing so don’t let it happen. As a very young player, before you get your bear form, initiate your attacks with your Wrath spell from the very edge of your range. What I mean here is be as far away from your target as possible when you start shooting spells at it. The majority of low level mobs are melee types (no ranged attacks) so see if you can take them down before they even get to you.  Always have Mark of the Wild and Thorns up and don’t forget about Rejuvenation. If and when you get swarmed by more bad guys than you can handle just run away. For a Tauren Druid you can drop a War Stomp and run like hell. For a Night Elf Druid, well, just don’t get in a bad situation.

Die well: No matter what you do, the above tips included, you are going to die as a young player a few (or many) times. The trick here is to die in a good spot. If it is at all possible do not die in the middle of a huge camp of bad guys or out in the middle of a field of hungry animals. If you die, then run all the way back to your corpse and resurrect only to be killed again right away you are going to get a bit frustrated. You’ll need to keep your head about you when your new Druid is getting the crap kicked out him do your best to die in an out of the way place that’s easy to get back to!

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  1. by Jules, on April 12 2009 @ 12:33 pm


    As a Night Elf Druid, don’t forget the racial Shadowmeld. I JUST discovered (at level 80–how embarrassing) that if you click it when you’re in trouble with mobs, they will just leave you alone. You disappear to them.

    Downside: you’re stuck there (you can turn around but do NOT move forward or back and don’t jump) til your health regens enough to run away or fight more, which can get a bit tedious. But it beats dying :)

  2. by Skipper, on April 12 2009 @ 3:27 pm


    That is pretty funny but don’t feel bad. I thought you had to be in Moonkin Form to drops Trees…not so much. Thanks for the comment!

  3. by Jules, on April 14 2009 @ 12:30 pm


    Thanks for the comment on my comment :D

    Now back to searching your site for a way to stop dying from lower level ‘locks spamming fear on my pacifistic nature-loving butt… :)

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