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After playing WoW casually for a couple of years I’ve managed to never use an addon or a custom UI (user interface) of any kind ever. Not once. I didn’t understand them, did not feel the need for them and, honestly, thought that maybe they were cheating a little bit. Well, like many of my long held beliefs that has changed. I have, after much swearing and cursing, installed my very first addons and thought I’d share with you how to do it and how to avoid headaches with Vista.

Very simply addons are little additional pieces of software that you can add to the game. These addons are capable of doing any number of things and there are literally thousands of them out there. At the very base of the whole thing its really easy to do with a catch or two.

Step 1) Find addons you want to use. Check out for a few thousand to choose from. You can use one or dozens or hundreds. Whatever you want as far as I can tell. 

Step 2) Download the addon. These all seem to be downloadable in a .zip format. Easy enough. 

Step 3) Extract the .zip file into the “AddOns” folder in your World of Warcraft files on your machine. For most Windows people running anything other than Vista this is where the files are located…

c:/program files/world of warcraft/interface/addons

Extract the files either directly into that folder or extract to your desktop and drag and drop. Whatever you’re most comfortable with. 

IF YOU ARE RUNNING VISTA like I am (and I’ll say it again…”Damn you Vista!!”) there is a slightly more complicated location of the addons folder. What I ran into was a set of files that are where I expected them to be (c:/program files/world of warcraft/interface/addons) however these are duplicate files that are useless and are only there to cause you headaches and stress. Forget those files. To find the correct location of the correct “AddOns” folder in Vista this is the path I eventually found that worked…

c:/users/public/games/world of warcraft/interface/addons

This is, apparently, the default location for the “real” world of warcraft games files on Vista machines. The whole “users” aspect of Vista has been a bit of an annoyance for me probably because I have not put any time or effort into understanding it. Be that as it may, the above is where to go. 

If you are just starting out with Addons like I am might I suggest looking into Omen (which is a threat meter), Auctioneer (helps you determine what to buy or sell, for how much and when) and Atlas (that gives you awesome maps and coords on the World Map…super helpful). 

So there is the 3 minute WoW Addon Class. I about lost my mind trying to figure this junk out and that fact that everywhere I went kept telling me it was so damn easy just “put them in the addons folder” drove me nuts. To paraphrase the Drew Carey Show, “Oh, you don’t like Vista? There’s a support group for that. It’s called everyone and we meet in the bar.”

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  1. by Guntitan, on April 10 2009 @ 12:38 am


    My banner might look cool but your site is nice. I like the design.

  2. by Guntitan, on April 10 2009 @ 12:41 am


    About the post: Did you try using the Curse Client to download addons?

  3. by Skipper, on April 10 2009 @ 1:50 am


    I did not try the Curse client but I think I will give it a go now that I’ve got the vista thing worked out. Thanks on the site comment as well…It’s getting there!

  4. by 4an, on April 11 2009 @ 3:03 am


    You have to love atlas. it just makes the maps better and you should be able to use coord’s for heaven sake!

  5. by Using the Auctioneer Addon in WoW | WoW Druid, on April 12 2009 @ 8:24 pm


    [...] a really basic primer on getting addons check this post – installing WoW Addons.) SO what does this addon on do and why should you bother? This thing makes it WAY easier to know [...]

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