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Having just entered into the wonderful world of using WoW Addons a buddy suggested that I start with Auctioneer and get that rolling. This thing, my friends, is wicked cool stuff. I dare say this is the beginning to having a toon that will actually have some serious walking around money. This addon basically does all the stuff I tried to do either in my head (not a good idea), on paper or just by sorta guessing. It’s like hiring an accountant (one that you don’t pay) to handle your finances for you so your efforts can be better spent on the important things in Wow…like questing and perfecting your dance moves.

(For a really basic primer on getting addons check this post – installing WoW Addons.) SO what does this addon on do and why should you bother? This thing makes it WAY easier to know what to sell to whom, when and for how much. For example you pick up a nice little BoE green shield on a drop…

(Quick 101 – BoE = “bind on equip“. This means you can pick it up and then sell it in the Auction House, trade it or whatever as long as you do not equip that item on your toon. BoP = “bind on pickup” which means the second you pick it up its soul bound to you.)

…nice but Druids can’t use shields so what are you going to do with it? Sell it. But is it worth putting in the Auction House (AH) or should you just sell it to the nearest vendor? Auctioneer helps you figure this out. Or how about that stack of wool you’ve been carrying around? Is it worth putting it in AH or simply vending it? 

From the other angle often people who don’t know any better (aka those without Auctioneer or those that are not Rainman savants) might put stuff on AH that they could get better money for from a vendor. Use the wool example again. Lets say that there is a stack of wool in the AH for 2 gold (numbers are just for easy math) but to a vendor it’s worth 4 gold. If you knew this you’d quickly buy that stack for 2 then run to the nearest vendor and sell it for 4, right? Well Auctioneer helps you do this too. 

On top of that often an item is worth more once it’s been disenchanted (DE). This handy little addon will tell you exactly what it disenchants into and what that’s worth as well. There are tons of options, settings and more to play with on this. Get over to and look up Auctioneer. Be sure to read a bit on it over there and don’t do what I did (aka not pay attention). Be sure to load it up and get over to the closest AH to do a full scan to get rolling. Only took me about 13 minutes. That is all…happy selling!

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  1. by 4an, on April 17 2009 @ 2:24 pm


    There was one caveat i wanted to pass along; when you first get your shiny new auctioneer addon, your database will will be new too. when you look at an item, check the stat for “number of times seen”. If auctioneer has only “seen” it once or twice and it says the shabby leather tunic you looted from a lvl 6 harpy is worth 1000g in the auction house, that means some goofball put one up in there just to try to make some quick gold off of some gooof with more gold than sense.
    *use caution when buying items for resale from auction house* scan it often and get good numbers before you jump.

  2. by Skipper, on April 21 2009 @ 5:20 pm


    Good advice and thanks. I’ll be sure to keep those scans going before making any wild purchases.


  3. by Passive, on June 7 2009 @ 6:16 am


    Thanks! Pretty helpful!!

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