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The Tear of the Moons

When you’re down in the Southern part of the Barrens running through the Revenge of Gann quests make sure you grab the quest “The Tear of the Moons” from Feegly. Feegly the Exiled lives in a ratty little sad excuse of a tent on the East side of the Dwarfs Fort, Bael Modan. He wants you to go into the Fort and bring him back a little gem. This is pretty straight forward however it’s a little tricky to pull off solo.

Hacking and slashing your way into the fort is not really a problem at the mid 20′s. Clear your way into the fort, take the first right inside the entryway and follow that hallway to a set of stairs that lead down. You’ll encounter 6 or 8 Dwarf NPC’s before you hit the stairs. While these guys really don’t put up too much of a fight keep in mind that they are all Runners! Filthy Dwarfs act all tough, get up in your business and then, when they get a little scratch, go running away like a bunch of pansies. Bastards. The mobs are not super tight in the fort but a runner will bring his friends so keep root or bash handy when they get low on hit points. 

Once you head down the stairs it’s time to slow down and be a bit careful. At the bottom of the stairs it’ll open up into a large room with a level 30 dude, General Twinbraid, and 5 or 6 other Dwarfs. These guys are located in a large “lower” room with two more guys on the upper level. 

The aggro range of General Twinbraid is really, really big…like almost the whole room. If you hug the wall on the upper level you should be able to take out the two guys up there without any problems. Running this solo as a druid in the mid 20′s can be, shall we say, tricky. 

On a straight out attack you’ll draw at least the General and a minimum of 4 others…sometimes the whole group. Not ideal. There is usually at least one Rifleman in the group and the rest are fighter types. 

If you’re Feral, and have some points in Feral Instinct, you might be able to stealth down the stairs and up onto the fireplace mantel. Once you’re on the Mantel the only guy you’ve got to worry about is the Rifleman. Everyone else will aggro however they can’t get at you while you loot the box. Using this trick will probably get you killed a few times…I say this because when trying to use this trick I died a few times.

Easiest thing is to simply grab another druid buddy and take them all out. The gem you’re looking for is in the large wooden box directly in front of the fireplace. Grab that and take it back to Feegly the Exiled and you’re all set. Make sure, when you’re doing this quest, to also pick up the quests from Gann Stonespire so you can knock four quests out pretty quick.

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    [...] another hippie hermit who lives in the hills, Feegly the Exiled. (Click here to check out “The Tear of the Moons.“) You can take care of fours quests this way pretty darn [...]

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