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Snookie is a solid level 22 at the moment thanks to a Double Druids of Doom Wailing Caverns Run Through. Myself at level 20 and another Druid buddy at level 24. The two of us rocked it pretty well through ample use of Hibernate, Sooth and lots of Regrowth. Did we die twice? Sure. But we learned, yet again, a few basic instance rules…

1) Pull carefully…very very carefully.

2) The wandering mob will always come around the corner at exactly the wrong moment.

3) When in combat the natural reaction is to backup a bit. This is often a bad idea. 

4) Aggroing six level 19 elites, while already in battle with four of them, is a bad idea. 

It was very good aggro/CC/healing practice.  My buddy wanted a few of the “…of the Fang” gear drops in there and we didn’t want to muck around with trying to grab a PuG so we said, “What the heck?” We were pretty easily able to clear all the Leaders of the Fang and a few of the mini-bosses as well. We both already had the Achievement for whacking the Giant Murloc so we passed on that one. 

Snookies next step? Blackfathom Deeps (que spooky music). The level is right and there is some good looking loot! Specifically I’m after a few things… for a stick replacement it’s the Rod of the Sleepwalker or maybe the Staff of the Blessed Seer would be a better choice.

Snookies armor is pretty meh at the moment and Moss Cinch would be a nice bit. The two items that really got me polishing my horn are the Gaze Dreamer Pants and the Tree Bark Jacket. Nice Intelligence boost there for our young Tauren though at the cost of some toughness with the cloth vs leather. Worth a try at the very least. Also, the Glowing Threaser Cape would be a nice addition as well. 

This zone is said to be “partially under water” which should be interesting and it seems to be just loaded with casters. Fun stuff! I’m looking to make the first run by the end of the week so I’ll let you know how we do. Any advice before I go in?

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