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If you’re a young Horde Druid running around the Barrens you’ll eventually come across Gann Stonespire. This guy is wandering aimlessly around on the road south of  Camp Taurajo like an old hippie waiting for a ride to a Dead Show that’s never coming. He starts out a three quest series that is not only pretty good XP but it lets you wack a ton of Dwarves along the way.

There is something about a group of Dwarf NPC’s that irks me a bit. I’m not sure if it’s the haughty look, the air of  arrogance or simply because they always seem to be close together. I get a sick thrill of shredding these guys in Cat form…maybe it’s a sign of deep seating mental issues.

Either way when you find him (around 46,75) you’ll get “Gann’s Reclamation” which is the first of a three part quest series. You can pick up the first one at level 23 and running through the series is pretty quick and gives good experience.

The main areas you’ll focus your rage is the the Dwarf Fortress to the East of Gann Stonespire and the large open mining pit to the southeast. For this quest series you don’t need to go into the fort but you will for the quest you get from Feegly. Your ultimate goal is to kill a bunch of Dwarves, gather up some stuff and then blow up a plane. Keep in mind the plane is located on top of a tower in the mining pit.

While you’re over by the fortress make sure you pick up a quest from another hippie hermit who lives in the hills, Feegly the Exiled. (Click here to check out “The Tear of the Moons.“) You can take care of fours quests this way pretty darn quick.

Once you’re done cracking skulls take a few minutes, if you have not yet already, and run south into Thousand Needles and pick up the flight path at Freewind Post. You’re probably going to need to head back to Camp T. but you might as well grab this flight path now (here’s a Map of the Thousand Needles) and save yourself the run later on. Plus you’ll pick up a few XP on the discovery of the new zone.

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    [...] you’re down in the Southern part of the Barrens running through the Revenge of Gann quests make sure you grab the quest “The Tear of the Moons” from Feegly. Feegly the [...]

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