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Night Elf Druid Bear Form

You have run your Night Elf around, wacked enough bad guys to get to level 10 and you are more than ready for Bear Form, right? Well first of all good job. I know that the first ten levels of Druid life can be pretty boring. You are about to get your first Druid form and really start to enjoy the advantages of the class. So, let’s get going…

The first step to gaining this form is to head over to Darnassus and have a chat with Mathrengyl Bearwalker who is your friendly Druid Trainer there. If you are not quite sure where he is simply find and ask a guard anywhere in the city. The name of the quest you will pick up is “Heeding the Call” and it will take you much further into the big bad world than your little character has been yet. (If you have yet to make it to Darnassus yet it is located to the West of your starting area.) Before you chat with the Trainer, however, go ahead and set your Hearthstone to the Inn at Darnassus as this will save you some time later on.

Once you find and speak to Mathrengyl you will receive a spell that teleports you to the Druid grove of Moonglade. This is a very calm and uncontested zone but don’t be surprised if you see some Horde Tauren Druids in there. Fighting is not really tolerated here so don’t get too concerned. One you arrive you’ll be directed to speak with the Great Bear Spirit who is located in the Northwest of the zone. After you find and speak with him I’m going to suggest you do two things prior to moving on to the next part of the Bear form quest.

First of all explore the small village of Nighthaven where you will find yet another Druid Trainer and some vendors. Be sure to find the flight path here. Next you are going to travel to the South of the zone to pick up the second flight path. Go to the run southern point of Nighthaven and jump off the cliff into the lake below. You can run around but it’s more fun to jump off the cliff. Swim south to find the flight path by the two tiny ponds down there. Once you’ve got that use your Teleport Moonglade spell again to port back to the quest giver, saving yourself the run back, and continue on with the quest.

Once back in Darnassus you will be sent to Auberdine to sprinkle some dust on a stone. It sounds weird, I know. Jump a boat to Auberdine and head up the road to the East and stop at the first cave you see with a bunch of Moonkin around it (a Moonkin is a bear looking thing with a beak like an owl and big antlers). Before heading into the cave be sure to buff up and have a full mana pool as there will be a fight here in a second. Get into the cave, sprinkle the dust and Bam! A level 12 Moonkin named Lunaclaw will appear out of thin air and proceed to try and beat the snot of out you. Take her down and then wait. Before you leave be sure to speak with her ghost!

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