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Second Skin

So I had a night to myself a few days ago, which does not happen too often. I had decided to stay totally away from the laptop – no work, no website posts, no keyword research, no email – no nothing. I was going to take the night off and find a movie that in no way would my wife ever sit through.

I grabbed a six pack of the best beer on the planet, Sierra Nevada, and ordered some Chinese food – dumplings and Mongolian Beef – which was fantastic.  And for the first time in weeks plopped down on the couch to veg out in front of the TV. Surfing around on Netflix (I know, I used a laptop to find a movie but that was it!) I came across a weird little movie about gamers and the World of Warcraft called Second Skin. I thought, “What the hell,” popped open a cool frosty Sierra Nevada, uncovered the steaming hot Wantons and started it up.

Basically it covers a group of pretty hardcore gamers who spend all of their available free time running in WoW. There was some funny bits and some not so funny bits. Ups and downs…pros and cons.

They covered a guy who got into the game, gain a ton of weight, lost his job and got evicted. Not funny. Towards the end of the movie you see him pull himself up and get, somewhat, back on track. They also covered a lady who had a son who had killed himself (really not funny) and she blamed the game. She wound up running a sort of half way house for “Recovering Gamers.” I guess in anything about WoW you are going to get this element.

As for the rest of it: They show a bunch of people who had actually met online though the game and are now together/married. Pretty neat stuff…some good stories. One couple met on Vent during a raid…wacky.

The main portion of the movie deals with a tight knit group of guys who play WoW together almost religiously. If you watch this movie you will instantly recognize of few of these guys as “that guy” from your own life…I know I did. Pretty funny stuff.

They film these guys during all night marathons, skipping work to grab the latest expansion (when it was filmed) and power level through the night, Mountain Dew and the every popular falling asleep at the keyboard. It was interesting though as one of the guys had a pregnant wife and his life was defiantly about to change in a massive way. Another one is engaged and buying a house…you can see what’s coming here. The other two are far “behind” their WoW buddies in “normal life’ (aka no girlfriend, deadend jobs, live for WoW) and are a bit put off by the impending lifestyle change they see coming at them like a freight train.

One guy, the “big guy,” seems a bit wistful that his two friends are starting to move on and seems to feel he’ll never get there. The other one, who is a bit different, appears to actually feel bad for them which was interesting to watch.

Long story short it was worth watching…either as a cautionary tale or an amusing angle to see fellow WoW lovers. If you are on Netflix take a look…it’s in the “Watch Instantly” section. Thanks!

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