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Dont Druid and Drive

I’ve never been a Mac guy. PC’s are what I started on and I’ve got enough trouble dealing with them let alone starting out down Apple Road (I know, I know…”they are way better”). They do have a heck of a great line of products (currently using a Droid but the iPhone is a real temptation) and the opportunity came about a few days back to play with a friends iPad. It. Is. Really. Cool. Even cooler when I came across an article about playing WoW on the darn thing…while on the iPad. The insanity.

After reading an article on (which is a must read site if you’re into making sites) I recalled a few days ago seeing a guy sitting in his Escalade at a stop light tapping away on his obviously brand new iPad.  Then I started to get a little worried.

How long before we see a news report on some guy who gets into a wreck because he was leveling his toon? I mean it’s not out of the question. Some of the stop lights around here you could get through an entire Arena match before it changes. I can totally see someone with one eye on the Auction House and the other on the road.

We’re going to need some new in game WoW acronyms for iPad Wow Playing while Driving (PWD)…

AFW – away from wheel

ITDT – in the drive thru – used to explain a brief absence from game play while you pay for your Big Mac in the Drive thru.

H50 -  for 5-0 (as in five-oh) which is short for Hawaii 5-0 which is, obviously, slang for Cops. Also used to explain a brief absence from game play when you have to put your iPad down while drive because there is a Cop nearby. This can be a problem during a Raid.

RWD – Raiding while Driving – This is a highly advanced level of game play not to be attempted on the Interstate, on twisty country roads or especially if you are the main healer in the group…because that would just be irresponsible.

IUBP – iPad Under Brake Petal – I’m not sure how you’d actually type this one out as it only comes in handy both to announce a brief interruption in game play and as a frantic cry for help. Okay…this one’s pretty bumb.

For Pete’s sake be safe out there!

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