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If you’ve not yet really ventured into any of the Instances or Dungeons in World of Warcraft it might be because you have no idea what to do. Your gear might not be that great, you don’t know all the tricks and special moves of the bosses or, basically, you’re a bit scared your going to screw up. I get it. I didn’t go into any dungeons for a very long time. I’d go to YouTube and watch some of the videos and think, “No way in hell can I do that.” Well I’m here to tell you to get in there. The loot is amazing, the XP is huge and it’s a ton of fun. The only way to learn is to do it. Here’s how to survive your first few… Read more… »

As you know by now I’m a huge fan of PvP in WoW. Love it. And I’m not too bad if I don’t say so myself. Not “uber” by any means but tend to win more than lose and typically, when the winds are right, I’m up there in the top slots on damage for a round. I like nothing more than a hard fought Alterac Valley or Warsong Gulch that ends in a well earned victory. Sitting at level 79 I waltzed into a Warsong last night ready to run some flags and knock the snot out of some Horde. We got whooped. Big time. Embarrassingly defeated. Overrun. To say that we got slaughtered is not an overstatement. The culprit? Cata gear is now in the ranks of the sub-80′s. All is not well… Read more… »

So I’m pounding away getting Bolink up to 80. “Wait, what? Wtf?! Ur not lv 80?! Noob!” I know, I know. Life has, as they say, gotten in the way. But I’m almost there! Cata content is right around the corner. So…where was I? Right, the insane, foul mouthed engineer in Nesingwary Base Camp who likes to blow stuff up and hit bad guys with a stick of dynamite (actually…I think here is a perfect time to pay homage to Jimmy Walker…let’s call it Dynomite!”) Anyway…this stupid simple Escort style quest gave me a huge headache. Read more… »

With a good group Violet Hold (a dungeon under that floating city of Dalaran) is a heck of a spot to really get your Druid Spell Rotations down.  I’ll typically pick this one up when looking for a Random Dungeon and have had amazing luck with the tanks I’m getting. For some reason it seems the Pally tanks just dominate this place. With a solid tank you can sit back and really get comfortable with the whole Solar and Lunar Rotation flow. Read more… »

You’ve got to love a Battleground that starts out by confining everyone in a small, short glowing purple bubble. You can’t see anything, everyone is crowded together and with all the buffs going off it feels a bit like a mild acid flashback (so they tell me). On top of that, once the game begins and the bubble lifts you start by throwing yourself off the top of a cliff down into the gaming field. Welcome to Eye of the Storm! Read more… »

Cataclysm is now upon us and with it comes two new Races to play. The only problem I’m having is that I only have room for one. The one that makes the most sense for me is Worgen. I already have a healer/ balance druid with Boomtreebear, the Night Elf. What I didn’t have was a Feral Druid. Read more… »


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After playing a Druid in the World of Warcraft casually for a while I decided to start up a little website. It's all Druids all the time here on WoW! I'm not an expert, nor am I the best player ever to play a Druid in the history of the game. I just really like playing a Druid, running some Druid PvP and basically talking about this addicting game. Thanks!