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Cry me a Druid Guide

   A nice guide for the beginner is a nice thing. The other thing thats nice is all guides are different. You’ve gotta read a few, or several, or many. Everyone approaches this game and this class differently so you’ve gotta pick and choose the what, the how, and the when thats best for you. By the time you start getting into the 20′s and 30′s your own druid style will emerge…

   Check out the guide over a Nicely done with a good amount of focus on the basics, which is good! He starts out…


Druid’s are the most racially restricted class in WoW, as each faction (Alliance and Horde) only has a single druidic race; all Alliance druids will be Night Elves and all Horde druids are Tauren.

Druids are limited to Cloth and Leather armor, and, with the appropriate training, can use StavesOne hand and Two hand MacesDaggers, and Fist Weapons.

A newly created druid character will, for the first few hours of play, be very similar to any other magic using class. Once the druid begins to gain some levels, however, his versatility opens up greatly, especially once he begins to learn to shapeshift.”

   Get over to and check out their Free Druid Guide. Thanks!

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After playing a Druid in the World of Warcraft casually for a while I decided to start up a little website. It's all Druids all the time here on WoW! I'm not an expert, nor am I the best player ever to play a Druid in the history of the game. I just really like playing a Druid, running some Druid PvP and basically talking about this addicting game. Thanks!