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Just get to Cat Form

You’ve seen all these cool looking Druids running around WoW in all sorts of forms. Who wouldn’t want to play as a Bear, Cat, Moonkin, Bird and even a freaking Tree? Looks like fun right? So you run off and roll yourself a Druid and right away you notice two things. First you can’t turn into anything cool at all and, secondly all you’ve got is a couple crappy little offensive spells. What’s the deal? Many druids quit the class before they even get to Cat and miss out on all the fun. Be patient, and get to Cat form before you decide to dump the class!

Starting out a Feral Druid is a frustrating thing to be sure so here’s a simple guide to get you from a wimpy new Druid running around a field with a bent stick to a stealthy Cat shredding everything in its path. The trick is to get to your Cat Form as fast as possible. Once you get there, at level 20, the real damage begins. So lets get going.

Levels one through nine have nothing to do with Feral Druid Build at all. You’ve got some spells to attack with, you get Root and you’ve got some healing. Blast through these levels quickly by Moonfiring and Wrathing the heck out of everything and keeping yourself healed. While this can be a bit boring it’s important to get the timing of your spells down as you will use these extensively even as a Feral Druid. Practice using and watching your Moonfire DoT (damage over time) ticker. As you gain more of these types of spells (Faerie Fire, Insect Swarm, Lifebloom, Rejuvenation, etc) you’ll want to be aware of the timers and know when you need to refresh these spells, even as a Feral Druid. Practice using Root to CC (crowd control) enemies as this will be part of your role on occasion, especially when you earn the spell Cyclone later on.

You will obtain your first form, Bear, once you hit level ten. Nice! After you switch into and out of the form about a dozen times immediately after you get it, and discover the “Bear Dance,” you’ll want to get back to leveling. This is a Tanking form meaning you can take a beating really well but you’re not really all that great at dealing damage. As a Tank your job is to get in the face of an enemy and keep them focused on hitting you rather than other members of your group. While you’re getting beaten on someone else is doing the serious damage to the enemy and, if you’re really lucky, someone might be healing you as well. For the first ten levels of Bear your will want to focus on strength and stamina for stats. Strength lets you hit harder and gives a higher attack power which bumps your Threat level. The higher your threat level the more enemies want to beat the crap out of you rather than someone else in your group…and that’s a good thing.

Your Druid build will be your choice however a common approach is putting your first Talent Points into Ferocity, Savage Fury and Feral Instinct. This way by the time you hit level twenty and gain your cat form you’ll already have an increase in damage and a better prowl waiting for you. Once you get this form is when the real fun begins for many Feral Druids! So get in there, grind it out and join the ranks of nasty Feral Druids out there. Thanks!

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  1. by kristin, on January 20 2010 @ 3:20 pm


    Thank you for the humor, and excellent tips. I’m now going to try & continue on with my lv 14 Druid. lol

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