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Feral Druid Changes in 2008

   For the you Feral Druid out there you know that there’s been a oat load of changes this past year. And if you’re new to the class then you should know where it’s come from. As a pretty casual gamer it really is amazing to me the amount of time, effort and thought goes into each update/patch that comes through. Great write up on the changes over the past year as it relates to Feral Druids…

“Well, no. Tab-target Lacerate, tab-target Mangle, tab-target Lacerate, Swipe Swipe, tab-target Swipe, Demo Roar, tab-target Mangle — zomg rage — Maul Maul — tab-target Lacerate — oh f%#*, that f#^#*$ warlock isn’t f^%##*@ watching the f#$^&*% threat meter again, Feral Charge, Bash, Growl, /p PLEASE WATCH YOUR THREAT, Mangle, tab-target Lacerate, Swipe, Maul. Ah yes. Those were the good old days. Not really. ”

   Take a look and read the rest over at – 2008 Feral Changes. Thanks!

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