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The Magic Seat Cushion

Trying to bang out quests in the Geyser Fields of the Borean Tundra is not all that hard at level 70 but it can be time consuming. There are tons of mobs just loitering about and with the janky terrain it’s very easy to wander into their aggro range. Not hard to take down but it takes time. 

So I’m running around yanking dog tags off of dead gnome pilots, which are all over the place in the Geyser Fields, (poor little buggers) and something catches my eye. A flying something that, at first, I ignore because it just looks like a regular old gnome in a ‘copter. But just as it as about to fade out of sight I absentmindedly passed my cursor over it and bam! That was no ordinary gnome! I took off running with a train of oil soaked wolves and pissed off robots in tow.

I had stumbled across a rare mob in the Tundra, Flumblub Gearwind. I’m a pretty casual player so it’s not too often I come across a rare mob. It was actually a bit excitingand he was flying  higher than I’d have expected. I had to run up a ridge at the edge of one of the pools to get a bead on him. Once I tagged him he went down pretty darn easy but there were a few nice little rewards. Probably the hardest part was dealing with the adds which, while not all the tough, certainly added to the difficulty level of the fight. 

First of all I gained an achievement for taking him down, Northern Exposure, which was cool. Secondly there were two nice drops. The first was the Abandoned Adventurer’s Satchel which contained a bit over 17 gold  (like pennies from heaven…) and a stack of Frostweave Cloth. He also dropped a blue chest piece, Flumblub’s Seat Cushion, which is a nice bit of loot in my humble opinion.

Currently my PvP chest piece still beats this bit of gear but, even with the gems, not by a whole heck of a lot. I’ll probably sell it off as its Bind on Equip (which is nice a well). Either way it was a cool encounter and a nice bit of gear. When you’re running around the Geyser Fields make to sure keep your eyes on the sky! He’s really not that hard to take down and he did not hit for all that much either. Good luck!

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  1. by Amy, on March 16 2009 @ 11:39 pm


    I took him down too with my DK. I was on my way to turn in a quest when he attacked me. Nice achievement. (:

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