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Digging through Wolf poop

There are tons of quests to bang out in the Geyser Fields. Tons. The one that caught my eye was one where, and I’m not making this up, I had to dig through fresh piles of wolf crap looking for pieces of Microfilm. If you spend a good deal of time knocking out quests you’ve probably come across these “digging through crap” quests before.

Quiet honestly it never occurred to me that there would be another “dig through the crap” quest in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. How do these quests come into being? I have two theories…

Theory one: The is one developer who is in charge of odd quests. “Timmy!” they yell at him, “Make up another weird quest…we need some comic relief in this zone!” It’s possible that Timmy (probably not his real name) has a poop fetish of some sort and it transfers into the game. I’m not really sure. It could be that he has a short memory span and simply forgets every time he makes a quest that involves digging through crap and no one else cares enough to tell him. 

Theory two: There is a very large office pool going on in the quest development cube farm centered on stupid quests. They make a quest involving something very odd, such as picking up or digging through some sort of poo, and make bets on how many complaints, rants and overall bitching each one will get. I’ll bet that this office pool is now in the thousands of bucks. 

My favorite part of the whole thing? The fresh wolf poop sparkles. That is all.

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