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Changing Arena Builds

If you read the post about my first experience in the 2009 Arena Tournament you know that I’m just not that good at it yet. I had a Balance Druid made up, with a bit of Resto talents in there, and was running with a Survival Hunter. We got our butts whipped. Just steam rolled. Embarrassing. So my Arena buddy rolled a Priest and I respecced the Druid. He went full heal and I went full Boomkin. My, my, my did our luck change.

On the Druid respec I went pretty much full Balance with a couple points into Improved Mark of the Wild. I swapped out some trinkets, the Relic and a few gems. We ran a few skirmish matches and did very well so we jumped into some rated matches. What a difference our changes made! As we are not all that good at running line of sight games (really any strategy) we used a pretty basic approach. The gates would open, we’d run out, I’d get a bead on the closest guy (we don’t do a heck of a lot of picking and choosing right out of the gate). My opening is something like this…Typhoon, moonfire, insect swarm, root, startfall, Trees, wrath, wrath, wrath, root. Depending on what procs during this little onslaught I’ll go from there.

As soon as this little series of spells gets rolling my Priest buddy would hit me with his Power Infusion spell which bumps up haste rating by 20% and reduces the mana cost of casting by 20%. The teams that chose to stand and fight us toe to toe seemed to go down very fast. For example we came across a Survival Hunter/Beastmaster combo that went down like sacks of potatos. They focused all their energy on me which the Priest was able to heal rather easily. I focused on the survival hunter and once he went down it was all over but the crying. 

We have had some serious problems when fighting Paladins in the past. They just would wipe us out (Damn you Pally Bubble!) With this new Arena build we beat the snot out of a double Pally team in a rated match. It was not a quick fight but we whooped them good. THAT was satisfying. 

With this setup I am running out in Boomkin form rather than in stealth like before. It is not, obviously, a very subtle approach. This approach depends on quickly being able to get a hold of one enemy player, dump a bunch of damage on him and take him out fast. We found that when playing against two invis characters we had to quickly change it up. When we came up against a skilled team they knew what we were trying to do, they were able to get through the initial bust of damage and it got down to a more technical fight. 

Either way we were able to win 12 of the 14 matches we fought that night so all in all way better than our first run. Not perfect yet but we’re getting better. We figure if we come out of it with one of those cool Armored Murloc Pets we win (even if we lose)!

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