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If you’ve not yet really ventured into any of the Instances or Dungeons in World of Warcraft it might be because you have no idea what to do. Your gear might not be that great, you don’t know all the tricks and special moves of the bosses or, basically, you’re a bit scared your going to screw up. I get it. I didn’t go into any dungeons for a very long time. I’d go to YouTube and watch some of the videos and think, “No way in hell can I do that.” Well I’m here to tell you to get in there. The loot is amazing, the XP is huge and it’s a ton of fun. The only way to learn is to do it. Here’s how to survive your first few…

Roles are very important in Dungeons and the DPS role, or Balance for us Druids, is probably the easiest way to get going. Running as a Tank or a Healer is going to be a bit more challenging as the tank tends to be the leader and the healing can be fast and challenging. So, this is more from the Balance perspective.

First off que for a Random Dungeon. This feature basically grabs a tank, a healer and three DPS roles, puts them together in a group and throws them into a level appropriate instance. I’ve have some great luck with getting paired up with amazing tanks which makes things a lot easier. Depending on your server the wait time seems to be a bit longer for DPS roles but you can run around in the real world questing, skilling up and so on while you wait.

Secondly, and this is a big one, is what to do when you get aggro. The tank’s job is to run around and hold aggro from everything, right? Well once in a while something will go wrong and you’ll pick up a mob that starts beating on you. As casters our first tendency is to back up, right? We back up as we spam Moonfire and Insect Swarm, we tend to pop Instant Grasp and back up, we pop Typoon and back up and so on. Don’t back up. When you back up you get further away from the tank and remove the chance that he can grab the mob. When you pick up a mob run to the tank. This will go against every fiber in your being to run into a fight but you’ve gotta. By running to the tank you give him the chance to grab the mob off you so you can return to a safe spot to deal damage from afar.

Lastly pay a great deal of attention to where you are and what the tank is doing. Do not run around looking at stuff. Do not run out in front of the tank. Do not peak around corners to see what might be hiding there. The best way to get through a dungeon alive is to follow the tank carefully. A dungeon run can go from really good to a total and utter wipe in two seconds. The main reason for epic fail is someone aggroing a PAT or big wad of trash mobs when everyone is not ready. Be careful.

After your first few you’ll get a much better comfort level and start to see the rewards. The loot, as mentioned, is really amazing and it’s a great way to pound out some levels. So fear not! Grab some mana juice and get in there!

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