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Oculus for fun and profit

I’ve been knocking out a bunch of WotLK dungeons prior to really getting into Cata content and just did a first run though Oculus. What a wacky instance! This is easily the most confusing and strangely laid out dungeon I’ve seen so far and it’s very, very cool. It’s purple, full of dragons that want to kill you, you get to fly drakes inside the run and you’re in danger of falling to your death at all times. Good stuff!

Here is a shot of the opening screen to give you an idea…

Druids in Oculus World of Warcraft

…the highly technical overlay with the red arrows are pointing at floating islands that you’ve got to fly to. This is accomplished by getting your very own drake (just for the instance) to fly around on. It’s very cool. At a point pretty early in the run you’ll come across a few NPC’s that will offer you a choice of different colored drakes

This is a “3D” dungeon as you’ll be going up, down and all around. There is a ton of dragons and drakes that fly around the big center main area that will once in a while get up in your business. Best practice is to try and stay right in the center of the path as much as you can. This goes for flying your drake as well. When it’s time to head out to one of the floating islands fly straight there then straight back to the main spire. When one of the dragon mobs attacks you in mid-flight there are some attacks your mount has you can counter with. It’s pretty weird the first time through….just sort of follow the group and hope you’re with some folks that know whats up.

The final boss in this instance is huge and impressive…meet Ley-Guardian Eregos:

Ley-Guardian Eregos

He hits pretty hard but by using the “freeze” affect of the Bronze drake you can take him down. We didn’t loose anyone the first time through but we got very, very close. Like “one pixel of green left in the health bar” close. There is some fantastic drop action in here. Give Oculus a shot…it’s funky and very cool. Get in there!

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