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And now a quick word on Cataclysm gear…Holy Crap. I mean seriously…for the casual player the first green quest reward I’ve come across in Cata (some pants in that wrecked ship) BLOWS AWAY anything I’ve ever had. Not just “it’s a little bit better” the stats on these things are over double what I’ve got on. Double! No wonder I’ve been getting my feathery butt handed to me in Warsong. Talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight…

Now, I knew we were in for a change and I knew that things were going to get a bit nutty but this is crazy. After looking around at some of the “trash” green drops that are coming out of the new content my head is spinning. The stats are simply monster. Double and Triple the stuff I’ve been rubbing my hands over while knocking out high 70′s instances.

It’s wild…such a drastic bump in stats on gear. I’ve yet had the time to really do some digging over on and see what the “good” drops are from instance random and Boss loot lists…I’m almost afraid to look. The different levels of gearing have always been a bit of an adjustment to be sure…what was the top of the line for several levels suddenly becomes little more than a dirty rag in comparison. Don’t get me wrong here…not a complaint but more of an observation. This is the sort of thing, after all, that makes this freaking game so addictive and fun to play.

It’s all about chasing after the shiny thing. The next biggest armor piece. The newest toy. The baddest weapon. A quick look at pulled this thing up for a monster staff…

Cataclysm Druid Staff

…Sweet Mother of Pearl! Talk about a freaking Boom Stick…2208 SP?! <rubs hands together slowly>. This is gonna get fun.

At the same time I’m pretty excited about it. It’s almost like the climb from level 1 to about level 78 is just the first step. Sort of a shake out period…get you feet under you, figure out the toon, get your spell rotations down and so on. It’s like, “Oh…you made it to level 80? Good for you. Now…everything gets kicked up about 10 notches. Good luck.”

Love it. I’ll see you out there.

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