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Fire up the microwave…

There are times in WoW as a Druid that you’ll find yourself  in big trouble. This happens in PvE when you either get in over your head, are not paying attention or a combination of both. It happens in PvP whenever – PvP is a bit more chaotic. What I’d like to share with you today is the “Microwave” move. I didn’t come up with the name, but I wish I had, some random player running past me one day while doing this whispered “lol looks like tin foil in a microwave”.

This move comes in handy as a “last resort” type move when you’re swarmed by several mobs or enemy players. Basically anytime you’re overwhelmed and getting the snot whipped out of you by several bad guys. 

The Microwave starts out like this:

a) First cast four HoT’s (three Lifeblooms in a row and then a Rejuvenation) on yourself. Typically you can get this done while trying to run away a bit. 

b) Next spin around and target one of your attackers. If you’ve got it available pop into Moonkin at this point for the added critical benefit and armor increase. 

c) Cast a Typhoon, for the damage but also to buy yourself a second or two with the knock back, followed by a Starfall.

d) If you’re in Moonkin drop your Tree’s at this point.  

e) Cast Barkskin immediately followed by a Hurricane. Cast the Hurricane spell right at your own feet. Thanks to the Barkskin effect no matter how badly you get pounded on your Hurricane channel will not be interrupted as long as Barkskin is ticking.

So what does this mess get you? Several things. There are  two AoE spells, Starfall and Hurricane, going at the same time for some pretty good damage. If you’ve got Trees running around they are throwing in even more damage. Your Barkskin is mitigating the damage you’re taking. The HoT’s are providing you a steady healing stream.

If you are running in PvP, or in a group in PvE, this also provides a good opportunity for other members of your group to throw their own AoE. You’ve basically turned yourself into a mini spell casting aggro-magnet. And the best part? It looks wicked cool. With the lightning bolts, dark clouds and stars streaming into the fray it really does look like someone put some metal in the microwave. When the smoke clears there’s a pile of dead mobs…beautiful.

I’ve been able to save my butt in some really sticky situations using this little combinaiton. It also works fantastically when farming lower level mobs or clearing a node for mining or skinning. Keep this move in mind the next time your running around getting in over your head! Thanks.

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  1. by 4-an, on February 27 2009 @ 3:10 pm


    A boomkin did this to me during a BG and boy does it ever hurt! I n this case lighting not only strikes twice…it strikes you repeatededly for 6 secs or whatever. That’s 1.21 gigawatts X 10….ininiin…ininin…in the heAD!

  2. by Skipper, on February 27 2009 @ 7:32 pm



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