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In the world of PvP Battlegrounds there are several play areas that lend themselves to annoying and useless practices. We’ve all seen it and quite possibly taken part. These are the things that players do that not only fail to advance their side towards victory but basically screw up any chance of winning at all. The point of a Battleground is to win. Winning is good and makes you feel like you accomplished something. Losing is bad and makes players say things like, “Alliance sucks at BG” or “We never win Warsong.” Let’s end the madness…

Warsong Gulch: We’ve all been there and what is the guaranteed way to not win a WG? It’s this: Have everyone charge out of their base towards to the middle of the field and start a big fight. Huge fights in the middle of Warsong accomplish exactly nothing. Zero. Zip. It might be kinda fun but it’s not going to get your team any closer to a win the majority of the time. Stop fighting in the middle. It wastes time. It accomplishes nothing. The point of WG is to cap flags. If you’re going to fight somewhere fight at the flags or fight in a base or at worst at the entrance to a base.

One common gripe I’ve heard about this is that by fighting in the middle you prevent the other side from getting to your flag and ties up several enemies while a small group “ninjas” the flag. This is, in a word, crap. That scenario does work on occasion but only by chance. 90% of all WG battles that are won are a result of the team grouping up, en mass, to get their flag. After getting the flag the team will escort the Flag Carrier back to base ideally killing the enemy FC on the way.

Once the FC is secure back at base with a group of defenders a group will venture out to get their flag back. Once the flag is retuned the FC will cap. Wash, rinse and repeat.

Now, before you get in an uproar, I understand that by nature Warsong is a chaotic place. There are a million possible combinations of players, playing styles and potential winning situations. Weird ninja flag grabs happen all the time. Stealthing into the enemy base to find the flag totally unguarded happens. Running that flag all the way back to base for a cap while everyone else fights in the middle happens as well. These instances are a great deal of fun and you can get a huge amount of satisfaction out of sneaking a cap like this. But it’s not a strategy.

What I’m talking about here is a general game plan that works. Group up. Attack as a team. Protect the Flag Carrier. If everyone is on the same general page Warsong runs can be a lot more productive. Let the random caps and wins happen…just don’t count on them.

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