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You’ve got to love a Battleground that starts out by confining everyone in a small, short glowing purple bubble. You can’t see anything, everyone is crowded together and with all the buffs going off it feels a bit like a mild acid flashback (so they tell me). On top of that, once the game begins and the bubble lifts you start by throwing yourself off the top of a cliff down into the gaming field. Welcome to Eye of the Storm!

Eye of the Storm (EotS) is one of my favorite battlegrounds to run a Balance Druid in. It’s fast, brutal at times and offers a ton of choke-points where you can really make a big impact in the damage department. The speed of the Druid, both in Cheetah form and Cat form using Dash, can be huge in the flag running department. There are a few points that can make or break the game you might find helpful. What I can’t help you understand, however, is that ridiculous starting bubble thing. I mean really…wtf is that all about?

EotS is a variation on the Capture the Flag theme. There is only one Flag on the map. There are four places to cap. Your team earns points in two ways. First way is to get the flag and cap it at one of the four nodes. The catch is your team must control the node you cap at. The second way to earn points in to control nodes. The more nodes your team controls the more points you earn per tick. You control a node by, basically, standing on it. Really, just stand on a node for a while with no enemies around and you’ll control it. No flags to unlock, no levers to pull or buttons to push….just sort of stand there for a bit.

Defense in Eye of the Storm

EotS is a BG that really tends to reward players running in, and defending in, groups. The layout offers some pretty narrow roadways that ensure contact with the enemy. A few of the nodes, especially Mage Tower (MT) and Blood Elf Tower (BET), have only one real way in. The other two at Draenei Ruins (DR) and Fel Reaver Ruins (FRR) give you a couple of points of entry even if they are sort of out of the way. When playing a dedicated defense role I’ll tend to stand just behind the flag cap disk and Shadowmeld in Moonkin form. When the mob of bad guys comes running up I’ll open with a Typhoon, pop a Starfall, drop trees and then draw a bead on someone. This works really well at MT and BET as you can take big advantage of the choke-point and literally blow your opponents quite a ways back and down the slopes.

Druids Running Flags

Flag running in EotS is more a function of speed than survivability (like in Warsong). As the paths are so narrow if you can get some team members between you and the enemy you’ve got a good chance of making it work. If you can make it to the flag spot before it regenerates post-cap get into Cat and go into Prowl. The second it reappears grab it then hit Dash. Right before the Dash wears off switch to Cheetah and bring it on home.

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