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What professions do you use with your Druid? What are the best professions if your toon is balance Balance, Resto or Feral? Are you going to focus on PvE or PvP or both and how can your professions be used to best boost your choice. This is a big topic and if you ever want to start some fun on a WoW Druid forum just ask the question “What are the best professions for a Druid?” and watch the sparks fly.

I’ll cover just three basic setups that might be helpful for your druid. Keep in mind that while you can only practice two of the “major” professions at a time you can always retrain to a different one (of course you’ll start the new profession with a skill level of zero) if you need to. Whatever you choose to do be sure to start training on your professions asap. If you wait too long your profession skill will lag behind your toon level and therefore be less useful to you.

Your profession choice will reflect your overall playing style. Professions can get detailed and involved when it comes to looking for patterns, items, ingredients and materials (materials are called “mats” in-game) for specific items. Do you enjoy gathering and hunting for different items to create something? Or would you rather be in a cave somewhere bashing monsters?

If you approach professions simply as a method of gathering gold rather than getting pleasure from actually making items you may want to look into a couple of the gathering professions: Herbalism, Mining and Skinning. It’s pretty straight forward – you gather a bunch of material “X” and sell it in the auction house. No need to gather a ton of different items and you can do these “on the fly” as you are out hunting either solo or in groups.

For the Restoration or Balance Druid a combination of Herbalism and Alchemy can be very beneficial. The ability to mix up a wide variety of potions can be a huge boon to your character a far as health, buffs and your mana pool and you can make a few bucks on the side selling some in the AH. This is not the ideal profession setup for a Feral Druid as, while in Cat or Bear forms, you can’t use potions.

An obvious choice for all Druids is the Skinning/Leatherworking setup and therein lies some of the drawback. Lots of players practice this profession so there are often lots of items for sale therefore the sale price for standard leatherworking items is low (supply vs demand). However! This is something that you can make use of very early and once you get your skill level up you will be able to make some really good items, including Armor Kits. Armor kits are good stuff and you can make decent coin selling them to other players.

Your choice of profession will have an effect on your experience in the World of Warcraft. All of these will have a positive impact on your character increasing not only your capabilities and toughness but also will help you explore the huge world that is Azeroth! Have fun and get going!

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  1. by Chris Moran, on February 8 2009 @ 7:37 pm


    Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

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