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Skinning is for Druids

The Professions you decide on for your Druid are going to have a pretty big impact on your characters gold, gear and success. For those players that do not take full advantage of the professions in the game will, almost without exception, have less gold and much crappier gear than someone who works at their professions. Many times those that give up on a specific profession have become frustrated or overwhelmed with the requirements of their trade. For newer players this is even more prevalent.

The skinning profession is a fantastic choice for any Druid build in the World of Warcraft and especially for Feral Druids. This trade is quick, super easy to level up, provides a very nice income stream and goes perfectly with Leatherworking. On top of that just by leveling up your skinning skill your Feral Druid will gain an increased critical strike percentage! Interested yet? Let’s take a closer look…

It’s quick: When comparing skinning to other gathering professions such as mining or herbalism you’ll find skinning much faster. Where in the other two you’ll find yourself running around looking for ore and flowers the skins will come to you! Your Druid is going to be running around wacking animals and beasts of all kinds for his entire life, right? Most of the animals can be skinned in some manner (even fish!) providing you materials to sell or use in leatherworking. Rather than running around looking for mobs to attack and looking for ore or plants combine the two and save time.

It’s easy: You’re going to be knee deep in dead animals anyway, right? And you’re going to pause to search and loot all those animals anyway, right? With skinning you simply take down a mob, loot it like you normally would and then, without even moving, skin it in a second or two. Tons of mobs can be skinned including normal animals, dragons, fish, sheep and more. In fact it’s so easy that once you get the rhythm of it your skill will rocket up before you know it.

Provides income: This trade will put gold in your pocket in a couple of ways. The first and easiest way is simple to gather a bunch of leather or hide and sell them to other players in the Auction house. Leather and hides will stack in your bags so it is very easy to gather lots of each and sell in a big bunch. If you also do Leatherworking you can create amour kits and pieces to sell for even more cash. It’s almost too easy.

Critical Bonus for Feral Druids: There is an often ignored and forgotten bonus that comes with the Skinning profession called Master of Anatomy. This is a passive skill only available to Skinners and comes with five ranks. The higher your skill the higher your critical bonus contribution will be from Master of Anatomy. Any form of critical percentage boost is a huge benefit especially when it’s basically free! Take a serious look at Skinning as a profession choice. I think you’ll find it really easy, very useful, profitable and the perfect profession for a Druid. Thanks!

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