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Fishing over 150

Fishing is a great secondary profession to max out as quick as you can. It brings in stuff to eat for free, the random bit of loot, gives you the chance to win fabulous prizes and it’s good for the nerves. To get rolling on fishing simply stop by any fishing trainer to pick up the skill, grab a pole and head for the shore. But once your reach 150 skill in fishing where do you go from there? Get yer booty over to Booty Bay and talk to a guy that looks like Sam Elliott.

Fishing lets you get stuff for free, allows you to earn Achivements that non-fishers can’t get, opens up some specific content in the game and really helps with jacking your cooking skill as well. This is not the most exciting thing in the world but it can be fun in it’s own right. It really slows you down and works on your RL Patience skill. I do the vast majority of my fishing while waiting on a boat, waiting for a group or talking on the phone. Nothing makes a long winded boring phone conversation go by than fishing a bit. 

So. How do you get your fishing skill over 150? Get to Booty Bay. There is a fishing trainer there that sells the book “Expert Fishing – The Bass and You.” It’s a good read, costs a gold and lets you level your fishing skill up to 225. The guys name is Old Man Heming and he looks a lot like Sam Elliot in one of the best 80′s movies ever –  ”Road House”

Old Man Heming is located on the lower docks in Booty Bay inside a little hut by the ramp that comes up out of the water. It is roughly in the middle of the Bay area. (Super helpful screen shot…)

The big fishhook on the sign outside should have been a pretty obvious landmark however I did run around like an ass for about 5 minutes before finding this guy. So! Get on over to Booty Bay and get that fishing skill up over 150. It’s going to be worth it big time in the days ahead. Thanks!

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  1. by 4an, on April 11 2009 @ 3:22 am


    The resemblance is striking! Don’t forget the fishing tournament every sunday in booty bay…check your in-game calender to get more specifics

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