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The WoW one night stand

   Part of the reason I’ve enjoyed playing a Druid so much is the ability to solo pretty effectively. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the occasional group here and there but it can be a royal pain in the butt. The waiting, the miscommuncation, the problems, the new kids, it all gets a bit much when you’re just looking for a quicky…quicky wow session that is…

   My favorite grouping is akin to the WoW one night stand. As I approach the starting area for some quest I see another lone sole poking around. A quick, “You doing the quest?” tell is sent. The best kind is when you just get the invite to the group, no words spoken, no plesantries exchanged. Nothing but business. 

    I find these wow groupings to be far more exciting than joining up a known and soild group. So many unknowns: Does this person have any idea what they’re doing? Have they been here before? Do they understand the role they will be expected to play? Will they want to talk after? 

   After attacking and clearing whatever needed wacking the only comments are, “You get the <quest item>?”

And a response, “y. u?”

Reply, “y. thx. cya.”


Ahh…thats perfect. In, mess around, and get out. No one gets hurt, everyone gets what they want and no one get’s put on anyones friend list.

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  1. by 4-an, on February 17 2009 @ 3:00 am


    That really grinds my gears! – “peter griffin”
    Nothing worse than “ball-clingers” that need you to hold their hand for the next 20 quests after doing a quick pick up group with them. Except maybe joining a group to run an instance as only to find out out its going to be a 2 hr ordeal of waiting for people to eat dinner, go to the store or finish homework.
    To all of you who have made people wait in Wow like this…

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