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Playing as a Group in the BG’s

I am what you could call a BG junkie. As a Battleground junkie I worry not about honor, nor what equipment I wear. XP comes at a steady rate and now I don’t even have to go out and kill 20 things to level a weapon skill up so I can use a different type. Heck, I can remember having to run out into the abyss of endless, strangely similar quests and dungeons to stock up on some gold just so I could afford to feed my pet, buy ammo and repair my armor (which, by the way, stank of BO, cigarettes and coffee.). You received no gold for playing in BG’s only some solid armor which could hold its own with any armor and sets up to 9 levels higher. I was constantly in Full sets of Blue or Purple gear with absolute no extra gold. I need to emphasize NO gold.

Fruehoff – Antonidas, my Dwarf Hunter – not “Hunter of Dwarves”, but the other kind – has amassed 79k of HK’s and hasn’t been played with any ferocity in a year and a half. Emberstorm Alliance (my Battlegroup) tends to have lemmings for players, so PUG’s tend to be a reach to pull off a win. Therefore, I didn’t even need to win to go running back into the fray time and time again. A glutton for punishment I ‘spose.

In all actuality, I am a glutton for the strategic and chaotically fluid nature of these PvP instances. An Arathi Basin (AB) could start out as complete domination of one side followed by terrible and quick reversal for a “5 cap” for the other. There used to be 2 and 3 hour epic Alterac Valley’s (AV’s) and 2 hour stalemate knock down drag out WSG’s where neither team could get 3 caps. (There used to be no time limit!).

I can remember having the entire team go from hating my guts to proclaiming me a hero for getting the Horde’s WSG flag within seconds of their 3rd cap and minutes of the start of the game – Hiding in their base for 15 minutes enduring insults and “Noob” labeling until they started paying attention to the planning. At first it was just a rogue who was scoping out their FC who came to help. Slowly more followed until we had our entire team in their base.

Before they came they were filing into the Midfield and getting slaughtered one by one like sheep – over and over again. Some were so mad they left. Then they acted as a group and rode down the extreme right AND left side of the map simultaneously and more than ½ reached me safely. We promptly set the trap – the ramp to their roof and then our flag came right to us. We got our flag back in short order and capped theirs not before a 10 on 10 grudge match in the Midfield. They went all out on me – and not my healers and CC’ers and didn’t try to get ours = we cap.

The idea here was: We can’t kill them efficiently, but we can protect one another. When we cooperated, we dictated the outcome of each skirmish and battle. We focused all our attention on the Flags and none on the 3 Horde camping in the middle. You could almost see the shock on the Horde Toon faces as they got beat down at each meeting. Priceless memories…

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