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I dinged 71 the other day and ran around in the Strand of the Ancients for a while which was fun stuff. Alterac Valley is probably my favorite all around Battleground due to the sheer size and the huge battle that can get going. But now that I’m back on the bottom of the ladder, level cap wise, I’ve got that sinking feeling again. That sinking feeling of watching monstrous level 80 rogues beat the ever loving snot out of me. Nothing knocks you down a peg faster than getting two or three shotted again in your 70′s. Only last week I was stomping around Alterac laying waste to all around me. Today I’m a meek little meat sack hardly worthy of note.

So how does a Druid survive when you’re at the low end of the level cap in a battleground?

The first step is to simply ignore the morons who helpfully suggest you “go level” or “get out” due to your current level. The day they start paying your monthly WoW fee is the day they can maybe tell you what to do. Not today. These are the same guys who get irate when players at the top of the level cap for a BG don’t know what they’re doing. Ignore them. They just can’t help themselves

Secondly: Stay out of the way but not too far out of the way. See what I’m saying? You want to be somewhere in a fight where you’re not the center of attention and yet where you can heal or dps to do your part. This does not mean to stand way off to the side either. If you’re too far away from the action you’ll get picked off by mid-levels looking for an easy kill. Think of it like being part of a school of fish – don’t stand out!

Third: In big knock down drag out battles hover around the back side of the pack. Most of the “action” will be in the front lines. No matter your spec healing and buffing from the back can literally change the momentum of a battle. Don’t be afraid to flip into moonkin to drop trees, a typhoon or a Starfall. Chances are these spells won’t pull too much aggro and even if they do the enemy pet will need to get past all those in front of you first. 

Fourth: Dot and debuff everything. When in a massive fray, on top of your healing and buffing duties outlined in point three above DoT everything. The tab key comes in really handy here (as in tab – Insect Swarm -tab -moonfire). When in a big battle think in terms of damage over all…not as damage to individual enemies. If you tag 10 or 15 enemies with a Moonfire, Faerie Fire or an Insect Swarm, or all three, you will be a huge help to those at the front lines. Your damage contribution will be far more in this situation than if you were Wrathing and dropping Starfire. Why? Because if you’re nuking and shooting as a low level chances are you’ll be seen and taken out fast. Also you’ll burn through your mana quickly where it’s better used on DoT’s and HoT’s. If you keep “quiet” you can get away with a lot more! Have fun!

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