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Invisible Night Elf Moonkins

So, I’m on defense in Warsong Valley last night. The night was not going well for the Alliance in Warsong Gulch and the group had decided that maybe a couple guys on defense would be a decent idea. There is another Night Elf Druid on D with me, in cat form and prowling. It was pretty slow for a moment when this guy shot me a tell:

How are you doing that?” he asked. 

Doing what?” I replied

You’re in Moonkin but your invis…how?

I was a bit shocked as this guy was running a 70+ level druid that was pretty well geared up but I guess you never know. Maybe he bought his account, maybe he was 8 years old, maybe he’d simply never clicked the little stealth button when in Moonkin form, maybe he just didn’t know. Not sure.

I figure if this guy didn’t know then there are probably other druids out there that don’t know so:

Just FYI for all you Night Elf Balance Druids out there: It is possible to use Shadowmeld while in Moonkin form.

It comes in real handy in Battle Grounds. When your invis in Moonkin you’ve got a ton more armor at your disposal for when and if a rogue or Feral Druid finds you, you’ve got your Trees at hand and you project your Moonkin aura to those around you. 

It’s probably one of my favorite ways to defend a node. You see an enemy sneaking up to grab a flag, target them, drop trees, moonfire, insect swarm, root and shoot. Gotta love it.

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  1. by Modern Druid PvP has changed! | Wow Druid, on February 12 2009 @ 7:40 pm


    [...] the enemy any more information than necessary, right? The use of the Cat Form Prowl and, ideally, Shadowmeld in Moonkin, ability is handy on both offence and defense. I see many Druids forget to use this ability to [...]

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