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Fast and Easy Gold Tip

Like it or not gold is a big part of the World of Warfcraft. Sure you can get good gear from random drops and quests but you’ll always need gold to buy stuff and simply to fix your damaged gear. But gold does not come very easily and this leads some people to  go out and buy gold.  Here is a super simple and legal way to make serious gold very quickly. This is going to be easier for Horde Tauren Druids as you’ll need to hang out in the Barrens to get this done. If you can get your Night Elf Druid over there then by all means you can do this too (actually this works for any class and any race). Ready? Let’s make some gold…

Step one is you’ll probably want to be at least level 12 or 13 for this but it is not necessary. We’re going to be heading into the Barrens and hanging out for extended periods of time in areas with level 11-15 mobs. You should be able to avoid most of them but you will get in a scrap now and again.

Step two is to get trained in the Fishing Profession if you’re not already. You do not need any specific skill level in fishing to accomplish this in fact your skill level can be zero when you start. One of the many cool things about this is you’ll not only make good gold but you’ll skill up Fishing at the same time. Pick up a fishing pole (get a Strong Fishing Pole if you can) and  a shiny bauble or some nightcrawlers or other skill enhancing item if you can. Not necessary but it’ll speed things up a bit.

Step three is to head out into the Barrens. We’re looking for one of the three oasis known as The Forgotten Pools, the Lushwater Oasis and the Stagnant Oasis. To find these head north of Camp Taurajo on the road and look for the green trees. There will be one on your right and one on your left prior to hitting The Crossroads. The third is Northwest of The Crossroads. Aside from general desert mobs to look out for there are Centaurs in the trees and giant turtles in the pools. Just be aware and approach with caution at low levels. Anyone of the three oasis areas will work as far as I can tell.

Step four is so simple. Get close to the ponds in one of the areas and look for schools of Deviate Fish. Get up close and fish those schools. If your cast misses the school simply recast. These are pretty rare and command a high price in the Auction House. Depending on your server they will fetch anywhere from 50 silver to well over a gold each! Fish each school until it disappears (in 5 minutes or so) and then move on to the next one. The catch rate  for Deviate Fish in the schools is very high so fish as long as you want then head back to the Auction House and put them up for sale! These fish offer a few unique buffs, are used in some potions and can be used with a  rare cooking recipe drop that creates Savory Deviate Delight which sells for even more! Now how simple is that? Skill up fishing, make some gold and you will not be banned.

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  1. by Level 18 Horde Balance Druid Wailing Caverns Run | WoW Druid, on March 31 2009 @ 8:08 pm


    [...] quietly in the Crossroads minding his own business at level 18. I popped a LFG and went fishing for Deviate Fish (catching 12 without any schools spawned) at the pools by the entrance to the Caverns. Within about [...]

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