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I was  on this morning over a cup of coffee checking out a few things. It was nice, the house was quiet, the coffee was good, peaceful…anyway,  I came across a post entitled “Busy Evening” which struck a chord. The quick post was about hitting level 80 (I’ll get there!) and about a few unexpected Achievement’s he got along the way.

I’m going to go on record here to state that I really like Achievements. I know they basically don’t do anything for you. I get it that they are an attempt to wring more playing time per character out of existing content. But I like the darn things.  Some of them are just nuts, for example “To all the squirrels I’ve loved before” is hysterical.

One of the very best I’ve seen so far is “Make love not Warcraft” where you need to hug the corpse of a dead enemy before they release their spirit. How sick is that? As soon as I saw that one I instantly set out to get it. I actually got  killed on a few occasions trying to /hug a corpse in the middle of a raging battle. I finally got it with my level 18 alt Tauren Druid Snookie. Stupid? Yes. Really fun? Yes. Does it make me smile? Every time. 

When that little noise pops off and the big flashy bar thing pops up at the bottom of the screen I just can’t help but grin. Especially, like mentioned in the post above, when they are not expected. It’s like getting a small free cookie. “Hey, you just caught 25 fish. Good job! Here’s a cookie.” And even though that cookie is very small you still take it and eat it and like it. Who can have bad feelings about a cookie?

My hope is that at some point players will be able to make and implement their own Achievements. It would be completely out of control of course. I can imagine an achievement for getting drunk in every bar in the land, while naked and with a pet chicken at your side called “So this Chicken walks into a Bar…” Or set up a cross continental race with check points that must be done on foot while walking called “The Cannonball Walk.”  The possibilities are endless. The whole game, once you’ve maxed out your levels, can turn into a giant treasure hunt with millions of players scrambling for Achievements!

Be sure to check out He’s got some fantastic screen shots on his site and it’s a good read as well! Thanks!

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