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A bit of Druid fun

It’s been my experience that those folks that play Druids tend towards two things.

The first is drinking beer in the game. I have not done a scientific study on this but I’d wager my shiny new PvP glow stick that there are more Druid butts on the bar stools in game than any other class. It’d be interesting to know. 

Secondly Druid players are, at the drop of a hat, very likly to spend a lot of time running around in large groups of the same form. I can’t explain it but it is fun, for some reason. The chances are very good as well that someone will film the entire thing, put it to music and post the video. Like this guy did. I got a good laugh out of it and thought you might enjoy it as well…



See? Funny, right? It shouldn’t be funny but it is. Personal favorite part is towards the end on the Tram. Looks like a bad rave. Thanks!

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  1. by Overcast, on April 27 2009 @ 5:06 pm


    I don’t care much for Beer. Southern Comfort now… that’s a different story :)

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