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When you’re down in the Southern part of the Barrens running through the Revenge of Gann quests make sure you grab the quest “The Tear of the Moons” from Feegly. Feegly the Exiled lives in a ratty little sad excuse of a tent on the East side of the Dwarfs Fort, Bael Modan. He wants you to go into the Fort and bring him back a little gem. This is pretty straight forward however it’s a little tricky to pull off solo. Read more… »

If you’re a young Horde Druid running around the Barrens you’ll eventually come across Gann Stonespire. This guy is wandering aimlessly around on the road south of  Camp Taurajo like an old hippie waiting for a ride to a Dead Show that’s never coming. He starts out a three quest series that is not only pretty good XP but it lets you wack a ton of Dwarves along the way. Read more… »

Snookie is a solid level 22 at the moment thanks to a Double Druids of Doom Wailing Caverns Run Through. Myself at level 20 and another Druid buddy at level 24. The two of us rocked it pretty well through ample use of Hibernate, Sooth and lots of Regrowth. Read more… »

Snookie finally has completed a full run of the Wailing Caverns and has a shiny new Crescent Staff and some nice blues to show for it. After several failed attempts at pulling a “legit” group together the make of the successful group was two lvl 20 Druids, a lvl 17 Druid, a lvl 18 warrior and…a lvl 80 Rogue. So much for a level correct run but if I kept waiting on it to happen Snookie will be running in there at level 30. There is some great stuff to be had in the Wailing Caverns. For example… Read more… »

Okay…so. Operation “Make the Caverns Wail” is not off to a great start here. First attempt was a high speed hack and slash with a level 41 Pally that was akin to sending the Marines in against a troop of drunken Girl Scouts…who were tied up. Devastation, chaos, wailing, confusion and some crying ensued. Read more… »

The first step in Snookies training is to run a full blown low level instance starting with Wailing Caverns. I’m going to hit Ragefire later this week however my little Druid was sitting at the Crossroads so WC it is. Read more… »


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