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Just had to put something down about the new Star Trek movie. Having a beer or two last night with a buddy when he asks, “Um…wanna see Star Trek?” My response, “Why not?” One more cold beverage each and a quick check of, and off we went. I’m not a hard core fan of the series, more of a passing interest kind of guy, but I grew up with the TV series and and have seen most of the movies. Quite honestly I was not expecting too much beyond a few good special effects. I was envisioning something of a cross between the latest “Lost in Space” movie and a tuna sandwich. Man, was I ever wrong. This movie was, in my most humble opinion, freaking awesome (if you are one of the four people who have yet to see this movie be warned – spoilers coming up). Read more… »

Half the fun of playing this freaking game is messing around online reading about this freaking game and all the wackyness that it spawns. I just came across a little post over on that I find fascinating. It’s got nothing to do with DPS, heals, gear or macros. It has to do with paper. Lots of intricately folded paper. Read more… »

In pretty much any industry there are a handful of people who are responsible for creating, building and growing that industry. We often call them the “Father of…” and Mr. Arneson was definately one of the Big Daddies of D&D. Read more… »

As you probably know by now the Big Red Kitty has decided to hang up his fantastic blog to focus more on RL. To say that he will be missed is, to say the very least, an understatement. Here’s the video some of his fans have put together…

BRK Video from Temerity Jane on Vimeo.


What a fantastic way to say “Thanks” to BRK! You can check out his site at

Seconds after posting the last rivoting tale on Snookies slow progress in the Wailing Caverns was tagged by a neat little twitter app… This crucial service tracks Tweets that contain the word “fart.” Pretty funny stuff actually…you can watch the fart tweets in real time from across the English speaking world…google maps and all. Why it’s important you know this I’m not clear on. (and to make it an even five – fart).

Quick note here…yes it’s April Fools Day…no this is not intended to be a joke. Apparently the April Fools Day Virus, aka Conficker, is alive and well…apparently. This morning my email is jammed with stuff about it. Not surpirsingly most of it asks me to click on a link to fix the problem. No way in hell am I going to do that BUT I do suggest Googleing it and see what it’s all about if you’ve not heard of it. It’s tied in with Windows Automatic Updates and might be an issue to some folks out there. 

In my reading this morning it seems that no one knows what this worm is supposed to do or it’s point. Will it crash the internet? Will it fry every motherboard from here to Russia? Will it send out 100 Gazillion Emails? When will it hit? Who the hell knows. Hopefully it’s nothing. If the internet does take a massive dump I’ll see you when it gets fixed. Otherwise my normal WoW posts will be up this afternoon. That is all!


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