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As you know by now I’m a huge fan of PvP in WoW. Love it. And I’m not too bad if I don’t say so myself. Not “uber” by any means but tend to win more than lose and typically, when the winds are right, I’m up there in the top slots on damage for a round. I like nothing more than a hard fought Alterac Valley or Warsong Gulch that ends in a well earned victory. Sitting at level 79 I waltzed into a Warsong last night ready to run some flags and knock the snot out of some Horde. We got whooped. Big time. Embarrassingly defeated. Overrun. To say that we got slaughtered is not an overstatement. The culprit? Cata gear is now in the ranks of the sub-80′s. All is not well… Read more… »

You’ve got to love a Battleground that starts out by confining everyone in a small, short glowing purple bubble. You can’t see anything, everyone is crowded together and with all the buffs going off it feels a bit like a mild acid flashback (so they tell me). On top of that, once the game begins and the bubble lifts you start by throwing yourself off the top of a cliff down into the gaming field. Welcome to Eye of the Storm! Read more… »

In the world of PvP Battlegrounds there are several play areas that lend themselves to annoying and useless practices. We’ve all seen it and quite possibly taken part. These are the things that players do that not only fail to advance their side towards victory but basically screw up any chance of winning at all. The point of a Battleground is to win. Winning is good and makes you feel like you accomplished something. Losing is bad and makes players say things like, “Alliance sucks at BG” or “We never win Warsong.” Let’s end the madness… Read more… »

I freaking love Alterac Valley. Love it. It’s big, chaotic and produces some of the best PvP fights I’ve had the pleasure of being part of in World of Warcraft so far. To win a match, especially on the Alliance side, it requires the cooperation of dozens of strangers who all have a different idea of what is required to accomplish the goal. It’s great. So great, in fact, that I recently almost wet my pants. Read more… »

Having recently dinged 71 (woot!) I was dying to run the new PvP Battleground with my Balance Druid. I’d heard some about it from friends and read up a bit on here – Strand of the Ancients. Sure I checked out the maps and read some of the basic strategies. Tanks? Cannons? We get to play with tanks and cannons? Fantastic! That’s all I needed to know. But did I understand it before going in? Not even close. Read more… »

How long have you been running a druid? Long enough to remember the “dark ages?” In the not too distant past Druids were not considered a real threat in most forms of Player vs Player in the World of Warcraft…in fact unless you were Resto nobody wanted us! Many a time on entering a battleground I’d hear the groans and mumbling. My, how times have changed.



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After playing a Druid in the World of Warcraft casually for a while I decided to start up a little website. It's all Druids all the time here on WoW! I'm not an expert, nor am I the best player ever to play a Druid in the history of the game. I just really like playing a Druid, running some Druid PvP and basically talking about this addicting game. Thanks!