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Like it or not gold is a big part of the World of Warfcraft. Sure you can get good gear from random drops and quests but you’ll always need gold to buy stuff and simply to fix your damaged gear. But gold does not come very easily and this leads some people to  go out and buy gold.  Here is a super simple and legal way to make serious gold very quickly. Read more… »

Once you get a chance to actually speak with someone you’re running around WoW with the whole game seems to change. As you know by now I’m not a huge Raid or Guild guy, (although I hope to be some day when I grow up), but I do have some friends in RL that I run around with. At one point someone suggested we get Ventrilo (aka Vent) so we could easily chat while questing or banging around in the BG’s. Chatting in real time is also essential for Arena. Essential. Read more… »

I dinged 71 the other day and ran around in the Strand of the Ancients for a while which was fun stuff. Alterac Valley is probably my favorite all around Battleground due to the sheer size and the huge battle that can get going. But now that I’m back on the bottom of the ladder, level cap wise, I’ve got that sinking feeling again. That sinking feeling of watching monstrous level 80 rogues beat the ever loving snot out of me. Nothing knocks you down a peg faster than getting two or three shotted again in your 70′s. Only last week I was stomping around Alterac laying waste to all around me. Today I’m a meek little meat sack hardly worthy of note. Read more… »

So, I’m on defense in Warsong Valley last night. The night was not going well for the Alliance in Warsong Gulch and the group had decided that maybe a couple guys on defense would be a decent idea. There is another Night Elf Druid on D with me, in cat form and prowling. It was pretty slow for a moment when this guy shot me a tell:


You can tell it’s a lazy Saturday afternoon when I’ve got time to post up several things on the site. I’ve been messing around with Twitter this morning, listening to the news (not recommended), been holding an epic procrastination run on going to the gym, playing with the dog and generally having a pretty chill day. 


We saw a video a while back (here) that touched on the whole “A bunch of Druids get together and run around in packs of the same form and it’s kind fun” thing. The Druid Event takes this idea to a whole new level.



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