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Speed running the Nexus

SO I’m out of practice. I’ve been plunking away here and there getting back up to speed on good ‘ol Bolink the Balance Druid. My fingers are slow to respond, I’m mis-clicking on spells, making dumb mistakes. But it’s coming back. Tonight I jumped in with a buddy of mine and we quickly grabbed a Nexus run. The biggest challenge I’m having at the moment is putting the spell rotations back inline. My DPS just sucks at the moment and tho my gear is okay it comes down to stringing together the crits and procs.

The Nexus run we had was a good one of mostly low 70′s. Good group with a nice Pally tank who knew his business. Buddy was running his Restoration Druid and seems to be able to heal everyone out of just about anything. The Pally tank had little problem holding the aggro even on big pulls so I had the luxury of sitting back and working on rotations.

The whole Solar into Lunar with Starsurge sprinkled in is coming to me. I tend to lean towards the Solar Rotation in a Dungeon setting especially when there is a good amount of casters. I’m all for the “hit them often” over the “hit them hard” mindset in the Nexus. The trash mobs seem to go down pretty darn fast and popping of a whole bunch of Wrath seems more productive than warming up a Starfire. When we get to the bosses, however, I will work into a Lunar Rotation and drop some big ones in there to knock them down a bit.

Another point I’m putting some practice into is the AOE aspect of the Balance Druid. I’ve got the Hurricane Glyph, which is nice, as works well with a Starfall. Run up to the group of bad guys pounding on the tank, pop Starfall, then pop Barkskin to keep your channel going on the Hurricane in case you pull aggro, them drop your Hurricane right over the top. With both these spells dropping, and keeping Hurricane up, I’ve been able to get that DPS number up a bit over the last few runs.

One last note about a Druid in the Nexus. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Trees are not a good idea in the Nexus or other tight dungeon type situation. Don’t get me wrong, I love those leafy little bastards. The problem is once they get loose they run all over the freaking place causing problems and picking fights. They must be Irish or something.

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