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Bolink the Young

(This really is about WoW…with a bit of history) I got a call yesterday from an old High School buddy who lives up in the frozen wastelands of Detroit. He has just moved into a new home and, when unpacking the boxes, he came across something from our past. He says…

“You’ll never believe what I found. Remember your old Frog RC car? The one with the Bolink motor in it?”

I almost fell over. When we were kids a group of us used to have a hell of a lot of fun building, racing and modifying remote control cars. We’d be at it for hours. When we all went off to college we put all of our cars in a box vowing one day to get back together again and run those little things around. My buddy drew the short straw and was put in charge of their well being. The box went into his parents basement and was quickly forgotten about.

Now that fact that he found the cars was pretty neat but the thing that really hit me was his mention of the Bolink motor. Bolink is a maker of remote control car parts and they are still around (however they don’t seem to make motors anymore). Bolink is the name I use for my main toon in World of Warcraft and one I’ve used for gaming since day one. 

This little phone call brought back a flood of memories of my geeky childhood. Even back to the very first time I played D&D with a bunch of friends in the basement. The two liters of Mountain Dew, packages of Oreo cookies, the dice, the piles of papers and pencil dust…the whole thing. I recall that the first ever Bolink was a Paladin of some sort. We had a buddy who had a wild imagination and really did a fun job at running games. In fact, on one little adventure, the leg of my character was hacked off by some sort of giant. From that day forward, and for years after, he was  known as Bolink the One Legged Paladin. 

Flash forward to after college. I’m at my place deep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado on a freezing cold night with little to do. In my hands I’m holding a brand new game called Everquest, fresh off the shelf at Walmart, someone had told me about. I figured I’d better try it before the whole Internet died (Y2K…ahhh!!). I plugged the phone line into the back of my desktop (broadband? what’s that?) and loaded the game. I had no idea what was going on. None. I made my little guy, a Shaman, ran up the the first guard I saw and promptly got killed. If you played EQ back in “the day” you might remember that the “a” key was the default auto-attack (might still be). If you were not playing attention, had a guard targeted to talk with, and hit “a” by mistake you’d be dead in a half a second. 

After I got my feet under me in EQ I rerolled a Druid (creatively also named, you guessed it, Bolink) and set off to conquer the land. It was simply amazing to me that there I was, playing a real live (sort of) version of D&D, online, with thousands of other people. What a riot! When I was playing D&D in the basement there was no Internet to speak of. It simply was not there. There were a few Bulletin Boards you could find with your modem (who’s been around long enough to remember bulletin boards?). Or there was Compuserve in its infancy (anyone play Island of Kesmai in ASCII mode?) Times have changed, of course, and today games like WoW and EQ are simply par for the course. But back then it was a wonder. 

I’m going to use this little spot to relay some of the adventures of Bolink in WoW. Good stuff, bad stuff, old and new. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. by Overcast, on April 27 2009 @ 5:39 pm


    I don’t remember “Island of Kesmai” – but I do remember “Legend of the Red Dragon” – hey that’s even pre Everquest.

    You know, the games have advanced – better graphics and all; but I can’t so much say they are more fun. I’ll never get as deep into WoW as EQ, I don’t think – sadly. Well maybe not, I was pretty obsessive about EQ.

    I’ve tried EQ2, some of it is ok, I even reactivated my EQ1 account a while back, it was cool – but changed so very much, it’s not near the same at all.

    I’d like to see a hard core kinda game again. One where instead of going the first 10 levels of quests will net you with a full set of gear, basically and one level is as easy as the next.

    Nothing like that first week of EQ – the world was so immense. You HAD to worry about getting lost, because there was no “I lost my way home, take me back” – button, lol

    It gave a real threat to unknowns and made the world a big scary place. When I started WoW and figured out that all you had to do was rez at the soul binder dude and hearth home.. I was kinda like ‘meh’ – I mean, I could wander anywhere without any real penalty.

    You know, if they ever did a Hardcore game like that again, or maybe even classic EQ servers, I might be game to try it. I miss the challenge. I miss the “not everyone can do it” aspect of the game.

    In WoW – getting ‘epic-ed’ out is just par for the course, in the early days of EQ is was a major accomplishment. Indeed.

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