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The Balance Build

When you decide to invest heavily in the Balance Talent Tree of the Druid class you will be rewarded with a mean, lean, offensive, damage dealing, high DPS spell casting machine. With more and more decent gear showing up to augment this build the Balance Druid has really come into its own, especially in the post Wrath of the Lich King environment. At higher levels a Druid of this persuasion is a powerful force and a heck of a lot of fun to play.

While the Balance Tree is very rewarding at higher levels it can be a very frustrating and difficult at the lower levels. As Druids we are only able to wear cloth and leather gear so our damage mitigation is not all that great. Once we get the Bear form at level 10 there is at least some sort of help however, of course, we can’t cast spells in Bear form. The main issue and complaint many Druids have at lower levels is the “squishiness” factor. Low amour, low hit points and limited spells makes the first 10 levels tough. Come to think of it the next 20 or 30 aren’t that easy either.

For the above reason most Druids will go the way of a Feral build for leveling up. It’s faster, easier, and for some more fun. Often these same folks will switch over to a Balance intensive build at higher levels. While there is nothing wrong with this I’d argue that leveling the whole way as a Balance makes you a better player of that build. When you progress through many levels fearing for your life as a squishy finger wiggler you’ll gain a healthy respect for add’s and aggro distances. On top of that the repetitive need to perfect the exact timing of offensive, defensive, healing and area of effect (AOE) spells is critical for future Druid play.

The jewel of the Balance Tree is without a doubt the Moonkin Ability. It takes at least 31 points invested to obtain this new and exclusive ability. There are two major benefits to this form the first of which is a massive armor boost. Finally we have the dream of a heavily armored spell castor! Secondly this form is a big benefit to groups as there is a healthy critical chance boost to all party members around you. So you get tougher and those around you hit harder. A bonus benefit of this form is the form itself. We get to turn into a huge, powerful Bigfoot with a beak and deadlocks that can perform what is hands down the best dance in the entire game. And when it gets right down to it the dancing is the most important part of WoW.

Among all the damage boosting talents you’ll have a chance to choose from there are two I find as absolute “must haves.” First of all is the boring looking “Natures Reach.” With 2 points in this talent all your Balance spells, as well as Faerie Fire, have their reach extended by 20% and your Balance spells produce 30% less threat than normal. This is huge! The extended reach allows you to stand and cast for longer periods of time and helps to eliminate a lot of running around and spamming Moonfire. The second must have is Improved Moonkin Form. You get a nice damage boost equal up to 15% of your Spirit and your group members gain up to 3% haste from you. In this cast you’re hitting harder and those around you are hitting faster. You can’t miss!

All in all the Balance Druid in the World of Warcraft is a powerful character capable of taking on pretty much any situation. Great in groups and still able to fill the role of healer and tank in a pinch look to a Moonkin for some massive offensive spell damage. Thanks!

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  1. by Jules, on April 14 2009 @ 12:39 pm


    That’s my new favorite term ever: “squishy finger wiggler.”
    Made me giggle out loud :) And AMEN on the dance, I tell everyone it’s the best in the game, lol. It’s the most fun when I’m in lowbie areas; finding people new to the game and busting a Boomkin move on them tickles them immensely :D

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