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Moonkin Rage

If you’re of the Balance persuasion then you know the feeling of a well spun DPS-heavy spell cycle. You know those times when everything lines up perfectly? The procs proc when you want them to…your mouse finger has a life of it’s own…no annoying mis-clicks on the wrong spell or effect…the joy of the massive damage string and watching your enemy drop dead? Ahh…it’s a beautiful thing…

For the casual player (like myself who might not know, down to the second, what the most DPS effective spell to cast next should be) hitting a good run of procs and damage is like the fat kid in Little League knocking one out of the park. It can make your day! A great, heaving and panting Moonkin unleashing it’s fury in a well timed and executed flurry can take on pretty much anything out there.

Here is a great site to check out if you have yet to take a look:, that can really help you look at what will ramp up that DPS depending on your gear and goodies. Take a look, take some notes then go knock some stuff out!

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  1. by Qieth, on April 16 2010 @ 10:59 am


    I don’t know if you make the calculations or someone else, but the site is a tad outdated. It is generally accepted to not refresh both dots at the same time. You throw up an IS after lunar eclipse and a moonfire after solar eclipse. Dots are not worth casting *unless* IS is buffing wrath and/or moonfire gets extended by starfire. If they are, however, they are worth casting for a slight increase over not casting them at all.

    You should download Wrath Calc and play around with that a bit. It can tell you the DPET (damage per execution time) of each spell under each state (wrath, wrath during solar, wrath during lunar with IS) and so forth.

    - Qieth
    .-= Qieth´s last blog ..Progression, achievements and hard modes =-.

  2. by Skipper, on April 17 2010 @ 4:35 pm


    Thanks for the heads up…I will check out Wrath Calc. Sounds like just the thing. Thanks!

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