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As a Balance Druid in the Battleground of Warsong Gulch you’ve got several roles that you can play pretty well. As a flag runner you can be unstoppable with the right support. As a healer you can keep your teammates alive pretty darn well. Where a Balance Druid can really shine, however, is on defense. Mmmmm…defense.

After the change from the open ended, “oh my god how long can one BG take to finish, I can’t believe it’s been an hour and we’ve only got ONE FLAG CAP!” style of Warsong Gulch play to the much more sane timed method the play style has changed. What at times could be a delicate cat and mouse type of game has gone full blown brute force. When the opposing team storms into a flag room it looks like a group of drunken European Soccer Hooligans descending on a pub after a team win. It’s ugly, a lot of shit gets broken and you’d better come out swinging.

My favorite spot to stand when on Defense is in Boomkin form, in Shadowmeld, with my back against the far wall facing the flag. Typically no matter what entrance the enemy uses they will have their back, or at least their side, to you as they approach the flag. The biggest threat during the wait for the impending onslaught is of course Rogues (Damn you!) so make sure you’ve got an anti-Rogue macro spamming (thats the one that looks for a target and casts Faerie Fire…great way to pop a stealthed Rogue or Feral).

As the mob come ramming in, assuming it’s at least several of the opposing side, this is sorta my method…

Target the guy you think is going to grab the flag then:

Pop Starfall> Drop Trees> Typhoon> Barkskin> Hurricane*> Instant Grasp.

(*The Glyph of Hurricane is massively useful here)

The Barkskin will allow you to finish the channel on the Hurricane even if you’re getting the snot whipped out of you. The Instant Grasp will grab the next guy that wacks you giving you a step to get moving. At this point I go into a tab-moonfire-tab-insect swarm while running in a circle around the group. The idea is to drain the FC’s escorts as they are taking off. Typically by now the FC is heading down the tunnel or out the door with cronies in tow. Take chase and hit the group again with another Typhoon. By now your buddies should be swarming and taking out the escorts that you’ve already kicked the crap out of.

The AoE abilities of the Balance Druid can be hugely effective when playing D against groups like this. Slow them down, hurt them, DoT them. Make it as difficult for them to do what they are trying to do as possible. Focusing all your power on the FC can be a mistake…once dropped the next guy to grab the flag on the fly could be all full power. Act on the group.

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  1. by Thebrian, on November 20 2010 @ 6:13 am


    OMG ty ty ty . Siempre Fie………..YES YES
    ur da bomb foe sizzzle my nizzle

  2. by Leonarah, on December 2 2010 @ 5:56 am


    This is so awsome! :D thanks for the guide!

  3. by Skipper, on December 2 2010 @ 4:20 pm


    Thanks for the comment!

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