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Balance Druids and Intelligence

Choosing what stats to go for as a Druid in the World of Warcraft can be a tough call. There is going to be a big difference between the Druid builds and the wrong stat choices will pretty much kill your chances of having a kick butt character. For those of you looking to build a solid Balance or Resto setup one of the major stats you are going to want to focus on is the Intelligence Stat.

Intelligence is going to do three very important things for you and the biggest one is how it affects your Mana pool. A Balance Druid or Restoration Druid without mana is like a pistol without ammunition. A gun with no ammo is good hitting someone in the head or as a paperweight, and that is about it. This build depends on being able to consistently cast many offensive spells (like Wrath) and defensive spells (like Barkskin) as well as a few healing and buffs spells along the way. If you are going Balance or Restoration in the talent tree you simply must have tons of mana. Luckily the math on this is pretty simple. For every point of Intelligence you have your mana pool will be increased by 15.

Secondly your Intelligence stat will help you out in the Spell Critical percentage department. The math here is a little wacky due to diminishing returns but you’ll see the overall gain is not that huge. At level 40 you will get a one point increase in their spell critical chance for every 60 points of Intelligence they have. At level 70 you’ll need 80 points to achieve that same one percent increase in spell crit. At the lower levels however you get more gain for less intelligence. At the higher levels, say from 65 and up, looking for gear that offers a bonus to spell critical rating rather than +intelligence gear makes better sense.

Thirdly is how your Intelligence points can augmented through various talents and buffs. Beyond the basic intelligence = mana math there are also several intelligence related talents in the Balance and Restoration trees that you can choose to boost both your mana and its regeneration. For example on the Balance Tree the Lunar Guidance can increase your Spell Power by up to 12% of your total intelligence. The Dreamstate talent will increase your mana regeneration by up to 10% of your Intellegence. Over on the Restoration Tree the Furor talent can boost your Intelligence by 10% and Mark of the Wild combined with Improved Mark of the Wild will increase it even more.

While this is not the only stat you will want to build up it is without a doubt the most important for this build. At the middle and higher levels the fights will be longer and more intense. Running out of mana in the middle of a fight is a great way to get yourself dead in a hurry.

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